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My Inspirational Journey

Hello marvelous people! From here on out you’ll be seeing a lot more content and stylish pictures up on the blog. As bloggers I think its imperative we take some time and remove ourselves from the blogging world to come up with innovative and fresh ideas. It’s ok to take blogging breaks! I know I have taken quite some time to get myself together both on a personal and professional level. I recently did a photo shoot with an old friend I reconnected with, and our photography session was pure magic to me. We were implementing ideas and creating beautiful fashion images. We understood each other on set and the vibes were just great! But that’s not what I want to shed light on. I want to shed light on some words of encouragement he shared with me.

But before I get into that let me briefly explain my current situation. As of right now I am unemployed after resigning from a position that wasn’t a great cultural fit for me. I resigned without having an official job lined up, which to some probably sounds asinine. For me, it was probably one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made in a while. I took a leap of faith by resigning however I am positive I will obtain a position within retail or some aspect of the fashion industry I enjoy soon. You have to have faith in the man up above when it comes to stuff like this! Since then I have been able to spend more time blogging, branding, and creating different look books. Anyway, as my friend and I were eating (fashion shoots get you so hungry especially after shooting 5 looks in one day) I was explaining to him I wasn’t sure which path to take. Do I pursue my dreams and do what makes me happy or should I just focus on a position that will pay the bills and provide me with financial security? Blehh Bleh Blhehh. That whole shebang. In the most nonchalant voice, he stated, “Honestly Dayna, just do what makes you happy”. He made it sound so easy!

Little did he know, he ignited the inspiration! I thought long and hard about what he said when I got home that evening. It really resonated with me. It felt as if I was released from a state of paralyzation. From that point, I knew I needed to make some major changes and focus strictly on what makes me happy! Being on set to me was magical. I love being able to collaborate with other visionaries like myself and just exude creativity and awesomeness! I’m not sure what the future will hold, but one thing I do know is what my focus should now be. Blogging super amazing content, branding, gaining a ton of email subscribers, working on my craft, and finally the most important of them all serving the people with my style tips and influence! If you have a dream or something that makes you happy, please I beg you to find some way to focus on that. Even it is something small you do each day that will bring you closer to living your dreams.Do it! Im pretty positive this is the case for a lot of you. You need steady income and something that will immediately provide you with financial security. I completely empathize with you. Im in the same boat with you! If it makes you feel any better some of the greats have gone through what we are going through right now! Prince (RIP to the legend) used to be a janitor so he could have money for studio time! You would’ve never thought that! Anything is possible folks. The impossible is possible. Live on purpose. Set goals. Be great. Be you. Share your goals, aspirations, and dreams with your friends, peers, and family members! My friends and I all are in positions that are temporary and or will help bring us closer to our dreams. Your current circumstances do not define your future!

So here’s the final message I hope you all can take away from this post: Focus on whatever it is that makes you happy, even if that means you have to take a job that isn’t exactly aligned with what you want to do. Especially if you’re in a situation like me with piling student loan debt, maintain a full-time gig that can get you through, however you MUST create time for your blog or whatever your passion is. This is where the sacrifice comes into play. Maybe instead of going out every weekend, focus on staying in to work on your craft. Trust me your friends will always be there. If they were your real friends they’d understand the sacrifice of wanting to live your dreams.  Make time for what matters, being too busy is never an excuse. Hopefully by sharing my story, it might inspire you all who are going through the same thing!


Life is Life. Love is Love.